La Perla

La Perla

Italian fusion


We are so proud and happy to announce that at in the middle of June we will open our 3rd e La Perla!
It is located in Can Barbara, which is the small port just behind Porto Pi shopping centre at Maritmo.

This is so much fun and we hardly believe it ourselves! Haha..
We now finally got our licenses and we are SO ready to start renovating!

The menu will have a lot of new dishes but of course.. our classics will be left.
We´ve already received a lot of bookings for next year so we will open the booking here shortly!

Welcome to our largest La Perla - Can Barbara in April!
Hugs Emilio & Åsa

The Story

It all started on Il Conte, located on Grevgatan in Stockholm, winter -1994. Since that time a lot has happened and La Perla is now my 12th restaurant. A lot of good wines, foods and menus have passed by through the years this year is 20 th anniversary, therefore I have created "La Perla" In Italian means "A Pearl" .

In La Perlas menu I have chosen foods that have a special place in the heart of me and my families, some of the dishes are a "blast from the past" but also many new exciting dishes and flavors from the country I love so much! My interest in food and wine has always been in the center of my family, who origins from Taranto, located in southern Italy. I find my inspiration from Italy and Sweden, and trough out the years I have found my own way of present food I like and take pride in.

There is no mystery why i do what I do, with both parents being chefs. big dinners with great produce and many laughs where a very common thing when I grew up. I still remember how the homemade Foccaccia used to smell when i opened the door to the stairs leading to the kitchen. Today, I myself have  three wonderful kids: they have all inherited my passion, which makes me very proud and happy! 

Me and my beloved Åsa

hope you will enjoy your experience here at us at

La Perla!